Louanne has created Loss101 to give you the basic class on Loss, using the Grief Recovery Method. We all have experienced grief and loss, but in our society we are not allowed to express it. We will not tell you how you feel. You already know. And we will not tell you We know how you feel. At best, we can remember how we felt when we experienced our loss. Loss101 is for people who have experienced a significant emotional loss. Utilizing local resources that are available  as well as Loss 101 Classes led by local certified Grief Recovery Specialists. This class is an action program for moving beyond death, divorce and other losses. We understand loss and grief is a very personal journey and we are honored to help you feel better. Email us for the next scheduled class and location. 


We have an exchange program with local non profits to help clients who have experienced loss.  100% of the money you give provides the means for someone to attend class for Grief Recovery in exchange for their  volunteering at a local nonprofit. We believe everyone should have access to this Recovery Class.

We are thrilled about this class! So many are anxious to get started.. This is just amazing. I’m so grateful to God and to you. Main Street Mission in China Grove, NC.


 Any gift given for Reflections KIDS allows us to do more fun stuff with the kids who have experienced a loss. Even though we do not work with kids directly, we have watched the transformation of kids who interact with other kids who have experienced a loss. It is also a great time for the parents to talk and share experiences.