Our Grief Story


 The story behind Reflections Grief Recovery began about 20 years ago when Louanne lost her husband at the age of 35 to a rare blood disorder called Protein S deficiency . As the young mother of two daughters and newly widowed, she found herself looking for help through support groups and self help books on how to recover from this devastating loss. Remember, this was before the internet was a standard, and there was very little helpful material to help someone walk the path of grief to RECOVERY. There were limited avenues to support, but those groups that were available, were not helpful enough for her. She was even told by a church support group that she had come too soon for help, she was told to come back when more time had passed.

So… Louanne began working on a healing process by writing and speaking to other people in the newness of grief and over the next 20 years, that purpose of life has given birth to Reflections Grief Recovery and Loss101. A certified non-profit, using local resources, teaching classes based on the Grief Recovery Institute, Louanne has helped hundreds of people recover from their grief. Louanne is a published author, grief share facilitator, public speaker, personal counselor and blogs for this site.

We look forward to helping you on your grief journey. We will not treat you with judgement, criticism or analysis. We know it is a very difficult time of your life, and we would be honored to help you take the small and correct actions to help you feel better.