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Carole C.

  I cannot say enough good things about Louanne and her grief classes. She has helped me so much and will remain a special friend for life. She has a heart to help others. God bless her and her passion for this.


 This is an excellent 8-week workshop. It is hard work, but the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is suffering from any grief – from any issue. After Harvey’s death, this class has helped me be able to bring happiness back into my day to day life; what surprised me the most though, his death wasn’t the largest trigger of my grief, and I have learned how to get past each one now. I can go on with life now!  

Jo U.

One of the best classes I ever took. Louanne indeed has a love and passion to help others.


Thank you so much! I never thought that the pain of Tatianna's death would ever ease. There is such a pain there that's been masked for so long. And now that the mask is gone i can began to deal and maybe try and help other women to not make the same mistake!  Thank you Louanne, your such an Amazing woman. 

Johnny S.

So, what can I say? This program literally saved my life. helped me more in 8 weeks more than 7 years combined medication and traditional therapy. Louanne Stanton guided me through the program and recovery. Mrs. Stanton is a wonderful, caring, loving woman. She is a big part as to why this program works. Thank you Louanne, you're light at the end of that dark tunnel. 

Jen T.

This was the best class I've taken in my adult life.  Honestly, I feel totally renewed and more capable to handle grief and changes, more so than ever.  Louanne Stanton is a pillar in the community, and for good reason.  She is compassionate, educated, professional and tangible.  I would recommend this course to anyone who feels any sort of pain from their past.  Her online class is easy to do and the benefits are constant, even after I've completed the course.  It really does equip you for life.