Louanne has been helping people through the newness of grief since 1996. She made it formal in 2014 when she founded Reflections Grief Recovery, a nonprofit geared towards helping as many people as quickly as she can. Working with Grief Recovery Institute, she has made that goal a reality and she continues to search for people who have endured loss so she can help them. Louanne is a country girl who lives with her husband, her mother in law and her 8 dogs. She loves spending time with the grand kids and getting together with those she serves. 



 Heather was widowed in 2017, after her husband Jamie died from a genetic liver disease. After attending a Grief Recovery Class, she knew she was destined to teach others how to recover from Loss. Heather attended the certification class in Nashville TN and has taught numerous class with great results. Her passion is to help Law Enforcement, Military and those in civil service learn how to deal with and recover from the many losses they endure. Heather loves to go to Disneyworld and can be found on the softball field most weekends with her daughters. 



 Jerry received his certification in 2018. Jerry has a passion for adults that were abused as children and helping them discover their unresolved grief and address it. Jerry is a faith based man who has a great sense of humor, which helps when things get too serious in class. He blends his knowledge with compassion and has made a difference in our community. Jerry loves to travel and is involved in his local church.